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Welcome to the Forensic Alert Portal for AFSN Questioned Document Workgroup (QDWG).

Questioned document examination (herein referred to as “QD”) is one of the oldest disciplines in forensic science, which uses scientific and technological methods to seek evidence that might be present in the document for investigation by the police officers and other agents, and to provide the evidence in the court of law. In every country, QD examiners can meet any type of documents, handwriting, typewriting, printing, seal, and forgery, fraud documents. A convenient definition of a document is something that contains information, usually in the form of paper. But nowadays, the document stored electronically is also needed to examine, who and how to examine is the topic which should be discussed and made further research.

The workgroup is aiming to promote the development of QD and facilitate the communication among the QD examiners and to promote the development and standardization of QD in Asia.

This Forensic Alert Portal is a platform for information sharing.

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